Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation

EmpowerED for Student Success is a three-year fundraising campaign spearheaded by the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation (MCCF) to raise $20 million by 2026 in support of key funding priorities for the 10 Maricopa Community Colleges (MCCCD). Investments from donors and industry partners make it possible to finance scholarships and workforce development and provide funds to our students to cover basic and emergent needs and access technology. The campaign is focused on student access to career education, preparing them for today’s in-demand jobs.

The Foundation's Fundraising Priorities

See how this campaign addresses student needs and workforce readiness.


“I recently became a single mother of two children, when their father passed away. I fell behind in school to take care of them. Having these donations to help me with supplies for school, or food to bring to my children, helps my family and I am truly grateful that I was chosen to accept this award. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Workforce Development Programs

As the largest provider of workforce training in Arizona, MCCCD continues to help Arizona respond to economic needs. The Foundation seeks philanthropic investments to support workforce programs that align education and training with in-demand, emerging jobs and career fields. Funding supports programs that emphasize flexible, student-centric education and fast-track certificate programs to meet diverse needs and rapidly changing industry requirements.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Expansion

Funding is needed to expand LPN education in the East and West Valley to meet workforce demand. Doing so will create equitable opportunities for students to pursue careers in nursing and for current nursing assistants to upskill and advance their careers, secure financial stability and fill critical gaps in the nursing workforce.

Construction Trades

Funding to support the expansion of construction trades programming to meet significant industry demand for skilled professionals.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As artificial intelligence technology rapidly accelerates with new tools, technology, and applications, the demand for workforce training also increases. To support the driving demand for AI technology the Maricopa Community Colleges created Arizona’s first AI certificate and degree program and will launch a Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Fall 2025.

A Word From Our President & CEO

Brian F. Spicker

President & CEO, Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation

EmpowerED allows the Foundation to focus on building upon the best of MCCCD’s and our students’ strengths, preparing students to be accomplished contributors to our community—answering the call of local business and industries for a qualified, future-ready workforce. Together, through education, we will work to eliminate the barriers to happier, healthier, flourishing lives and help build a thriving economy for the communities we serve.

About the Foundation

The Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation was established in 1977 as the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to receive and manage gifts and grants on behalf of Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) for its 10 colleges. MCCF actively seeks gifts and grants from individuals, corporations, and private foundations and has the highest GuideStar Platinum level Seal of Transparency.

To date, the Foundation has awarded over $44 million in scholarships to deserving Students.