A bold, innovative and focused approach
to supporting student success

Join the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation, together with all ten Maricopa Community Colleges as we embark on a new campaign to raise $20million. Together, we will ensure that crucial student and program fundraising priorities are met.

“EmpowerED allows us to focus on building upon the best of our District’s and students’ strengths, preparing them to be accomplished contributors to our community—answering the call of local business and industries for a qualified, future-ready workforce. Together, through education, we will work to eliminate the barriers to happier, healthier, flourishing lives while building a thriving economy for the communities we serve.”

Brian F. Spicker,
President & CEO,
Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation

Fundraising Priorities



The Foundation and each of the colleges have identified EmpowerED fundraising priorities. 

Foundation priorities found here.

Contact the Development Officers below to learn more about the college’s EmpowerED priorities. They will be able to describe and discuss their fundraising priorities with you in detail as well as provide instructions on how to make a campaign contribution.

Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Jenna Kahl: [email protected]

Estrella Mountain Community College

Jonathan Robles: [email protected]

GateWay Community College

Ann Blatte: [email protected]

Glendale Community College

Anjelica Giardino: [email protected]

Mesa Community College

Christos Chronis: [email protected]

Phoenix College

Deborah Spotts: [email protected]

Paradise Valley Community College

Mario Marquez: [email protected]

Rio Salado College

Dr. Todd Aakhus: [email protected]

Scottsdale Community College

Charles Silver: [email protected]

South Mountain Community College

Lisa Ponzio-Doromal: [email protected]

For more information about EmpowerED for Student Success, please contact
Nilam Patel, Workforce & Industry Development Officer Senior at [email protected]