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AT&T Hosts Event to Help Students Prepare for Their Future

News August 29, 2013
AT and T Check presentation

On June 26, 2013, AT&T* and Maricopa County Community Colleges’ Achieving a College Education (ACE) program hosted a special “Preparing for the Future” event at Glendale Community College. At the event, AT&T presented the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation with a $16,500 contribution to support ACE programs throughout the District in its mission to help students complete high school with college credits.

AT&T sponsored lunch for nearly 400 high school students in ACE’s summer program who attended the event, which was geared at helping prepare students to graduate high school and college and pursue their careers. Most high school students may have already narrowed down their university options, picked their classes, and may even have gone to the extent of preparing for their graduations! After all, when an aspiring college student comes across regal gowns and caps from the likes of Jostens, it makes them all the more excited to forge their future path. Keeping such aspirational stories of these children and inspiring them for the future, ACE students, in addition to their contribution, they have also shared their past and present success stories.

AT&T also hosted an interactive presentation about post-high-school opportunities, in which AT&T representatives shared insight about the importance of completing a college education, some key skills employers seek, career opportunities, and more.

“As a part of the community, AT&T thinks it’s important to help prepare our students for the future so they have the tools they need to lead successful adult lives,” said Jerry Fuentes, President, AT&T Arizona and New Mexico. “We hope this contribution will help the ACE program continue its great work here in the Valley.”

The ACE program is nationally recognized for assisting students who may not consider going to college and attaining a baccalaureate degree to be an achievable goal. ACE helps these students earn college credits and exposes them to post-high-school opportunities. Upon graduation from high school, an ACE student may earn up to 24 college credits.

“The ACE program has proven to be effective in helping students transition from high school to college. High school sophomores who are accepted into the ACE program are assigned an advisor who guides them through their college class experience,” said Mark Reed, Director of the ACE Plus program at Glendale Community College. “We thank AT&T for [its] contribution to the ACE program, which will help us continue our mission of guiding students to success.”

Data from the most recent reporting year shows that 75% of Glendale Community College ACE students went on to pursue higher education at a college or a university.