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Phoenix College
State Farm

Working towards an Associates of Engineering Sciences at Phoenix College, David hopes to transfer to the University of Arizona School of Mining and Mining Engineering, to follow his life goal of becoming a Mining Engineer. Scholarships help cover tuition expenses and he is thankful to the donors who make it possible.

David has always been interested in rocks and minerals. He said, “I’m the kind of person that loves going on hikes and ends up coming back with rocks in their pockets because I just love the different “stories” they can tell us.”

With prior experience as a minor, David decided a few years ago that he owed it to himself to get a degree in the field, based on experiences he had on a small mining venture, a few years ago. He said, “My scholarship will first and foremost help to cover my tuition, but perhaps more importantly, they allow me more time to rest, focus on my health, and get more quality study time and focus. It is tremendously appreciated.”