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Jay Faulkner

The Foundation mourns the passing of longtime friend, Jay Faulkner. Read more about the impact he had on students and the Maricopa Community Colleges, here.


Jay Faulkner grew up in the 1940s on a farm near the Grand Canal in downtown Phoenix. His parents came to Phoenix from a background of ranching and farming, and they understood that hard work resulted in success.

Jay started Phoenix College (PC) in 1944 and immediately felt right at home, thriving in the intimate, inclusive atmosphere. “PC was a small campus, which drew us together. Students and faculty alike were very friendly. The class sizes were small, and we had robust discussions with the Dean and professors,” he said.

Reflecting Jay’s love of people from all walks of life, and a desire to help young people follow their dreams at the Maricopa Community Colleges, he started the Jay Faulkner Endowment for ACE (Achieving a College Education) students in 2004. The ACE Program is a nationally recognized program for motivating financially at-risk underrepresented students to complete high school and pursue a college degree. A recent gift to the named endowment brings his lifetime giving to more than one million dollars.

In 2017, Jay was honored by Phoenix College and the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation as PC’s Hero of Education for his dedication and support of students. In 2020, Phoenix College created the Jay Faulkner Memorial Mesquite Court between the A Building, B Building, and Library as a testament to Jay’s love for PC students and the outdoors. The Mesquite Court offers plentiful seating for students to gather, study, and relax under the shade of 10 mature mesquite trees, reminiscent of Jay’s early memories on his family’s farm.