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Mark and Steve Chatinsky

In memory of their parents, Mark and Steve Chatinsky established an endowment for the Albert and Lola Chatinsky Scholarship Fund through the Maricopa Community College District Foundation to support students in the Artist of Promise Program. The purpose of the fund is to support the aspirations and talents of Maricopa Community College students as they pursue careers in the performing arts, specifically in theater and music.

Al and Lola loved the arts and travel. They had season tickets to the opera, symphony and theater for over 40 years. Together they traveled throughout Europe, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and the Oregon coast as some of their favorite places to enjoy music, theater and overall the world of the Arts.

Al and Lola had great appreciation for the talented artists that brought great joy into their lives and their hope is this scholarship will help Maricopa Community College students achieve their dreams and bring much happiness into the lives of many throughout the world.