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Noyoltxochitl D.

Phoenix College,

“You will not regret investing in me, I am going to learn and get all good grades. I hope you are able to see me once I earn all my degree.”

Noyoltxochitl D. is extremely grateful for the opportunities she’s been given.”I literally am happy crying because I am able to go to school because of your organization,” she exclaimed.

Noyoltxochitl attends both Phoenix College and Arizona State University at the same time as she’s back at Phoenix College to earn a Certificate in Criminal Investigations and another bachelor’s degree in Forensic Psychology. “As we know, universities are much more expensive, therefore, I am back in Phoenix College to take the classes that I need in order to earn my degrees,” she said. “I was snapping my figures and was worried how I was going to pay for both ASU and Phoenix College, but thanks to you I am able to take the classes required, and I can even take classes from Phoenix College next semester.”
The first person Noyoltxochitl told about her scholarship was her mom who was very proud. As the oldest child, she completes her three younger siblings scholarship applications, putting herself last as she doesn’t have time to complete scholarships for herself. “I am an example for my siblings and have to show them that anything is possible as long as they keep trying,” she said.
Noyoltxochitl has worked as a Probation Officer Assistant and is starting an internship for the Department of Corrections in Reentry, which is similar to Probation. She believes in opportunities for people who made the wrong decisions at the moment and is very interested in why they committed to those decisions, and what their childhood was like. “I want to be a Probation Officer for the Intense Probation category. I would also like to work inside the court with inmates,” she said.
“I didn’t know what I wanted to be after graduation until I knew what internships were made for. You will not regret this,” she exclaimed.
Phoenix College, David Dalby Memorial Scholarship