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Aaron F.

Estrella Mountain Community College

“I want to be there for others. That’s what drove me to public safety.”

Aaron F. is a police officer on a mission. A student at Estrella Mountain Community College, he is taking courses to become a firefighter and said he wants to continue his career in public safety.

“When I was in high school, I always wanted to do something to help people, and that’s pretty much what drove me to public safely,” he said. “I’ve had some tragedies happen. (But) I want to be the guy to be there for others.”

Self-described as loyal and trustworthy, he said he is the first in his family to work in public safety, but hopes to start a long chain of family followers.

Aaron said he is motivated by many things but mostly family.

“I always enjoy being successful, to one day to be able to provide for a family of my own,” he said. That’s why I changed to fire – everything they do…it’s a big family. Even your family becomes part of theirs.”

Aaron said that he would like to work in public safety for the rest of his career and hopes that his career path helps others.

“I want people to remember me for my actions (and) the good that I’ve done,” he said. “That I actually did something…that I made a mark…and touched people’s lives along the way.”

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