Be a Student's Hero is coming May 3, 2024!


State Farm Student Emergency Fund

“Thank you so much for your kind award to me. This is going to be so helpful for me to buy the textbooks I need for class along with my scientific calculator for math. Thanks to people like you students like me can go to school and feel less stressed about how to pay for school. I am a first-generation college student. Both my parents only completed the 8th grade, so the fact that I get to go to college, is a really big deal. My major is in Business Management and I hope to one day run my own business! I have two younger sisters who have graduated high school but did not go to college because they think it’s unachievable for us and our family. I hope that seeing me go to college will hope motivate them as well. I hope to continue getting straight A’s this semester to boost my GPA closer to 4.0 right now I am at 3.67 GPA super close! Thank you again for your support this takes a big stress off my shoulders. Thank you.”