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South Mountain Community College
Stars Title V Scholarship

I would like to start off by stating I am beyond grateful for receiving the Stars Title V Scholarship. This opportunity will allow me to move forward into a higher level of education while limiting the stress of financial needs off my back. The cost of school has increased over the years, but thanks to this scholarship, I will be more focused on my academics rather than stressing about the cost of textbooks or tuition.

I chose South Mountain Community College because I want to get my general courses completed at a fraction of the cost compared to attending a university. My major is marketing which is a business major that focuses and emphasizes on strategies used to promote a good or service. Marketing excites me because I get the opportunity to share my creative thinking with groups of people and work on various promotional activities digital and physical. After earning my associates in general business I plan to transfer to ASU so that I can continue my marketing education. I would also like to share that thanks to my exceeding academic success, I have become a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. This honor society helps students find more scholarships and educational opportunities and is exclusive to students who have shown an exceptional academic background. Additionally, I have been awarded the Presidential honors scholarship at South Mountain for a second time as I have met the disciplined academic track record. 

I am proud of these accomplishments and am excited to add the Stars Title V at South Mountain Community College scholarship to be a part of my accomplishment list. Once again I am honored and thankful for receiving this scholarship for this upcoming academic year.