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Bryan D.

Mesa Community College

“I hope to work in a hospital that serves the Native American population, to give back what was given to me. “

Bryan says it was a stroke of luck: “My mom was reading the Native newsletter that we receive as members of the Navajo nation and she read about the ACE program for high school students and encouraged me to apply. I didn’t think I would get in, thinking it was for high achievers and I was a B student. I felt very lucky to have been chosen.”

Bryan continues talking about his mom and saying, “She was so surprised and proud when she saw me give up my Saturdays and get up early to make it to Mesa Community College and attend classes while I was still attending Mountain View High School.” Bryan’s mom had been worried that Bryan would drop out of high school as his older sister had years earlier. Though Bryan’s mom didn’t know it at the time, she needn’t have worried. Bryan said that ACE enabled him to excel and, in turn, he encouraged his sister to obtain her GED. She is now also enrolled at Mesa Community College.

Bryan is currently working on completing prerequisite courses for entering the nursing program and is considering where he will get his bachelor’s degree in nursing. “ACE got me ahead and gave me an advantage that has driven me to continue achieving in college. I hope to work in a hospital that serves the Native American population in order to give back what was given to me.”

Mesa Community College