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Carlos R.

Phoenix College

“Chefs communicate art on a plate. I will hone that. It’s a labor of love.”

Carlos R. ’18, joined the PCAA Bear Scholarship Program in Fall of 2015. He graduated from Phoenix College with an associate degree in business communications and culinary studies. He hopes one day to own his own restaurant.

Carlos is attending ASU to obtain a bachelor’s degree in communication. While at Phoenix College, Rodriguez chose electives that would complement his degree, including sign language courses. His goal is to have a tri-lingual language focus (i.e. Spanish/English/American Sign Language) to compliment his Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree.

To Carlos, communication is a natural fit with the culinary world. “Chefs communicate their art on a plate. They see how people react. My art stems from my Hispanic-American roots – I will hone that. It’s a labor of love – passion,” he says.

Carlos is excited to be a part of the growing restaurant scene in Phoenix, while using his degrees in both culinary arts and communication. “There are great restaurants coming to the Valley. We are on track to be the next foodie hot spot, and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Phoenix College, Phoenix College Alumni Association “Bear Scholars” Program