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Christy L.

“My parent’s sacrifices will pay off as I achieve goals through higher education.”

Christy L. talks about her parents with great respect. “My mother was born in China and my father in Hong Kong, They did not receive formal education past the sixth grade, but they brought me to the United States from Hong Kong when I was six years old, and they’ve been working extremely hard to achieve the American Dream for me and my younger sister.”

Christy, a senior at Coronado High School, explains that seeing how hard her parents have had to work gave her the motivation she needed to seek out educational experiences. “Friends of mine who were in the ACE program told me what a good experience it was for them. I knew that I wanted to be part of it. Even from the beginning, it was such a good application process, nothing like I had experienced before.” Christy found out about the ACE program just a week before the deadline, but she knew the value connected to the program, so she tirelessly gathered all the information needed to submit her application on time.

Christy is focused on her future and setting priorities. “I know that I want to work in the medical field, and I’m exploring what would be a good fit for me. Whatever it is, it’s going to be working with the patient, one on one. One thing that is very important to me personally is how the ACE program helped me overcome my problems with procrastination. Even though I’m busier now than ever, I’m able to complete more tasks on a timely basis without feeling overwhelmed. This is all due to ACE and the time management skills that were taught early on.”

Christy knows that she will make her parents proud, as they are already very supportive of all of her educational goals. “My mom and dad will soon see that all the sacrifices that they’ve made for my sister and me will pay off as we achieve our goals through higher education. Because of them our lives will be much easier!”