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Cynthia H.

Glendale Community College

“I believe that I’ve been called to be a nurse and now that calling is becoming a reality.”

Does Cynthia H. look familiar? Perhaps you saw her at our 2016 Heroes of Education event in which she shared her incredible story of overcoming many challenges including dropping out of high school, teen pregnancy, homelessness, domestic violence, and drug addiction and how at the age of 43 she decided to attend Glendale Community College (GCC) to study nursing.
Or maybe you read about her in our 2016/17 annual report in which we shared how a donor attending that same event was so touched by Cynthia’s story that he offered to underwrite the costs of her attending the Envision International Scholar Laureate Program, to study nursing practices in Australia.

Today Cynthia has more exciting news to share, as she is the recipient of the 2020 Diane H. Thomas Transfer Scholarship which awards $10,000 to a GCC graduate transferring to an in-state university. Cynthia has graduated from the Maricopa Nursing CEP Program, and is on track to finish her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Northern Arizona University in November. She passed her NCLEX ( National Council Licensure Examination) in July and is working as a Nephrology nurse. She hopes to eventually work one year as a nurse abroad, and then pursue a Masters Degree in social work or case management.

“This scholarship provides the road to my dream,” Cynthia said. “I believe that I’ve been called to be a nurse and now that calling is becoming a reality. Without this scholarship, my educational goals would be delayed indefinitely until I could come up with the tuition to finish.”

Cynthia has been a dialysis technician for the past 15 years but had to reduce her work hours to maintain her grades. It was a difficult decision that had to be made to fulfill her obligations of taking care of disabled loved ones and balancing her time between classes and studying. Unfortunately, her income does not provide enough to cover all of her expenses such as rent, food, car payments, internet service, books and more.

During the pandemic, Cynthia has been giving back as a volunteer with the American Red Cross as a recovery case manager providing resources and encouragement to those less fortunate. She also volunteers for St. Mary’s Food Bank.


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