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Glendale Community College

“I am extremely honored and humbled to be the recipient of this award.”

Glendale Community College and Northern Arizona University student Dara is embarking on her final year in the BSN/RN program, as she has aspired to become a nurse since she was a small child.

“I did not imagine my dream could become a reality as my parents did not attend college and continuously struggled to make financial ends meet,” she said. She continues, “after having the privilege of serving in the United States Army, I realized that my calling is to serve our community and realized that I would like to combine a nursing career into my service.”

Receiving a scholarship allows Dara to make her dream possible. A single mother of three young children, the challenge of affording both nursing school and childcare has been challenging and this past semester she was unable to afford the cost of childcare which interfered with her ability to focus on studies while her children were awake. However, through determination, she excelled in each of her classes.

She said when talking about her scholarship, “I will always remember the kindness and want to emphasize how deeply it has touched my heart and my life. You have empowered me as a student, as a mother, a veteran, and as a future nurse. Thank you.”