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Scottsdale Community College

Thanks to scholarships, Scottsdale Community College (SCC) student Deacon is able to continue his education and utilize his award for lab expenses, class fees, and tuition. He said, “Since being a first generation student I have little guidance, so in this upcoming fall semester, I will be able to focus without having financial stress.”

The reason Deacon chose Culinary Arts was because of the Navajo Nation and living amongst his family who dealt with some health problems and struggled with weight issues. “Going to the nearest grocery store was a couple of hours away from where we lived,” he said. “It was always better to choose unhealthy foods that were simple but fast and could have an abundance.”

Deacon would hear families talk about things in diets they would try to implement but fail because of having financial issues. He chose his path in education to help find a healthy and affordable way to live and he’s determined to aid those with his education. “My goals and aspirations would not have been possible without my scholarship donation and I would like to thank those responsible for allowing me to continue my education at SCC.”