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Glendale Community College and Rio Salado College

Thank you!This scholarship will help me pay for my internet and I’ll be able to do my online classes. I was worried that my lack of internet, and not having transportation to go to campus to use the internet there, was going to cause me to fall behind. Now,  I will be able to pay my internet and finish my classes, all thanks to your kindness and generosity. This makes me happy because I will stay on track and not have to repeat any classes next semester. I currently have a 3.7 gpa and am planning to apply for the honors program next semester. My education is important to me because I am a first generation. I am the youngest of six siblings, and neither my parents or older siblings finished high school nor have a college education. Not only will I be the first in my family to be getting a degree, but I am also inspiring and setting a great example to my children.

I am currently enrolled in both GCC and RSC. I initially started at RSC with the College Credit Pathway to GED scholarship program. I started GCC earlier this year because I wanted to take my math classes in person, which I did in the spring and summer, but I am now taking Creative writing 160 online. I just finished my last class required for my GED with the College Credit Pathway and am now ready to continue my education. My goal is to get my associate degree in biomedical sciences and then transfer to ASU to obtain my bachelor’s degree. After that, I plan on attending Midwestern University to become a Dentist. I also want to get a double major in Creative Writing and hope to publish my own books one day. I know that I have a long path to take, but my passion for dentistry and writing motivates me to continue my education. 

Once again, thank you for the kindness and generosity of gifting me this scholarship. It truly means a lot to me, and it will help me continue my classes, and stay on track in my education journey.