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Gerardo R.

ACE Campaign Endowment Scholarship Fund

“I know that one day I will be Dr. R.”

Gerardo, a Carl Hayden High School senior, explains: “College never crossed my mind until I heard about the ACE program. Once I knew it existed and how it could help me, it opened the door to possibilities for me.”

The oldest of four boys, Gerardo says that his parents, as well as his siblings, are proud of him. His behavior is a model for his younger brothers, and now all of them talk about going to college like him. “I’m completely focused on school, and my brothers see it and they want that sense of accomplishment for themselves, too.”

Gerardo has a 3.7 grade point average and will be going to the University of Arizona next fall. His hope is to be accepted into its medical program after he gets his undergraduate degree.

“My grandma was sick for many years, and I spent so much time with her in the hospital. Her memory and her love has inspired me to become a cardiac surgeon one day. With her inspiration and the study skills and confidence that the ACE program has given me, I know that one day I will be Dr. R..”

ACE Campaign Endowment Scholarship Fund