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Chandler-Gilbert Community College
State Farm Scholarship

“When I first saw the scholarship acceptance email in my inbox, it immediately reminded me of the excitement and passion I have for my field. Your support helps confirm the fact that I am on the right path and going to make a difference in the world. Keeping people safe, and helping them understand complex subjects, is something I loved about working in insurance. Being able to continue to do this makes me believe I will live a very fulfilled life!

I am currently figuring out my bachelors degree details, and graduating seems more and more in reach as the days go by. I recently decided to pursue the Cyber Policy and Law focus in my major and I am thrilled at the opportunities the future holds. Without the financial burden, I am able to fully focus on my studies and put my best foot forward into my career.

I recently got a new job as an executive assistant to an internet company. Being connected to the channel and interacting with experts carrying decades of experience, has reinforced my commitment to the tech security world. We need online security more than ever, and I hope to give back to those who have helped me during my education journey.