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Gina L.

Scottsdale Community College

“It’s a wonderful feeling to have people who support my education and are willing to give their hard earned money in order to aid in my successes.”

Gina is currently attending Scottsdale Community College, working towards her Equine Science Degree, and also earning an Associate of Arts Degree. She plans on going to ASU after graduating in May 2020, to begin working towards a nonprofit leadership and management bachelors degree, while also pursing a minor in recreational therapies. Her goal is to one day work in a nonprofit setting with horses and the disabled community doing equine assisted therapies.

Gina has a strong love for horses and all animals big and small, and also for helping people. “I am so excited for my future and all the my life has in store. But education must happen first, so scholarships give me the ability to focus more on my studies, while also giving me a sense of relief as I do have a many school loans to pay back,” she said.

A special opportunity was given to Gina through the equine science program to do a semester long internship with Camelot Therapeutic Horsemanship. This internship gave her insight into what a future career may look like as she was able to work with both physically and mentally disabled people and understand the power that a horse has to change a persons life. “After this internship I can tell you that I am working toward a goal that will result in a life of fulfillment and happiness,” she commented. “In three years, after I graduate from ASU, I will be waking up for work everyday with a full heart in knowing that I am working for a purpose, to help empower those who at times feel powerless.”

Scottsdale Community College