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Jermaine Jr.

Glendale Community College

“There’s no excuse to not better yourself through education. there are scholarships and people willing to help you achieve your potential.”

Always musically inclined as a child, Jermaine has dreamt of being a choral director as long as he can remember. “I currently am working on a double major in vocal performance and music education here at Glendale Community College and plan to continue on to NAU, where I have plans to continue my double major,” says Jermaine.

A solemn Jermaine recounts, “I lost my mother during my junior year of high school, and I was alone. Luckily during high school they told us about college and scholarships, and I just followed the guidelines put before me; because for me, a teenager with no means of other support, it was not a possibility to fail … I only had myself to depend on. Had I failed, I would only be hurting myself. I can honestly say that scholarships have turned my life around. I would not be here if it weren’t for people that want to give other people opportunities.”

Jermaine tells all his friends to attend college and to focus on their studies and take advantage of scholarships. He strongly feels that they all could be doing more with their lives. “There’s just no excuse to not better yourself through education because there are scholarships and people willing to take the time to help you achieve your potential,” adds Jermaine.

It’s his love of both education and music that continues to propel him to work harder. He has had to grow up quicker than his peers, but he says that has helped him focus on the important things in life … and to prepare him for a life filled with music and opportunities!

Glendale Community College