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Ka’iulani B.

Glendale Community College

” I never thought I would get picked!”

Ka’iulani B. has always had a passion for people, whether it be comforting someone, taking care of her grandparents or helping someone who is sick or injured. She’s always been one to step forward and help. She said, “I have always dreamt about being a firefighter since the day that my daughter was stung by a scorpion and the fire station that was dispatched was absolutely rude. I said to myself it would have been a better experience if they had someone like me on their team. “

Ka’iulani’s family was always in close contact with the fire department because of her grandparents falling or not feeling well. It always stuck in the back of her head, “I can do that, I love helping people in need, and I’m good at talking and calming people down.”

Being a single mom to three children, Ka’iulani faced hurdles that kept her from pursuing her dreams that included how she was going to afford school, how she would be able to fit it into her schedule and more. “Then I got the good news that I was granted a scholarship that I had applied for,” she said. “I never thought I would get picked! Miracles do happen and because of that scholarship I’m an EMT graduate getting closer to my dreams to be a firefighter.”


Glendale Community College, AMR Foundation EMT/Paramedic Scholarship