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Katherine A.

South Mountain Community College

“South Mountain Community College was my first step, and the right step for me, so that I can become better prepared.”

South Mountain Community College’s Katherine A. is majoring in Biomedical Engineering, with the eventual goal of transferring to ASU to continue studying in that field, and one day earning her doctorate degree. Born and raised in Arizona, she initially chose SMCC as her first step – and for her, “the right step” – because she wanted to become better prepared and more confident before attending ASU. Katherine has thrived in SMCC’s easily navigable campus setting and smaller class sizes, while also complimenting the level of support from the college’s “amazing faculty.” Besides being an honors student and honors award recipient, and an All Arizona nominee, Katherine has also received the Chicanos Por La Causa scholarship for the past two years, which is awarded to outstanding Latino students attending Arizona colleges and universities who have demonstrated commitment to making positive changes to their communities and their selected fields of study. Academic excellence also seems to run in the Katherine family, as Katie follows her sisters Isabel, who was the All Arizona nominee in 2017, and Emily, who was the All Arizona nominee in 2015.

South Mountain Community College, Chicanos Por La Causa Scholarship