Be a Student's Hero is coming May 3, 2024!


Mesa Community College

“I want to take time out of my night to explain how much your donation means. Living in Laveen and going to school at Mesa Community College means that I’m on the road longer than I’m attending classes, and it’s really important to me to come to school in-person, not only to learn, but to invigorate and inspire myself to be the best that I can. Being low income, it’s hard to maintain my car and afford basic things like food, so the gift that you gave me is really going to help beyond more than you know. I need new tires to prevent the blowout I had last week that forced me to miss school, and now I can afford it. I feel more confident in my commute and way more safe on the road. I truly from the bottom of my heart want to say thank you. Thank you so much!”