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Mesa Community College

Thank you so much for the scholarship you have graciously extended to me!

I selected the MCC and the Dobson campus for my nursing program because they had the best NCLEX pass rates. I wanted to be a part of a school with a great reputation. My education is very important to me. I have been working in massage therapy for 17 years and am looking forward to being able to help people in a new way. I have a passion for serving others. After graduation I plan to work with underserved populations in the valley. After gaining some experience I hope to gain employment with the Veterans Association. A more long-term goal of my is to be part of a disaster response team and to go on ministry trips to provide medical care to people in third world countries.

Receiving this scholarship allows me to focus more on school and less on working to pay the bills. Nursing is a very intense program making it hard to work while attending classes. I have been a member on the Student Nurses Association for the last year and appreciate having a little more time to participate in the activities happening both locally as well as at school. I have also been a part of the honors program and volunteer with the Mesa Fire and Medical Department as a Connector supporting Mesa’s fire stations and the community.

My family and I are all looking forward to my graduating nursing school. I am a mother to 10 children and grandmother to 3. I hope to inspire my posterity to serve others in some way in their lives as well. My youngest, Noah-8, says that he wants to grow up to be an orthopedic doctor. I hope that my hard work and dedication to my education will continue to foster his desire to become a doctor.