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Lynsie Leigh

Estrella Mountain Community College

“The scholarship that has been awarded to me not only fills my heart with joy, but it now makes it easier for me to attend school,” said Lynsie Leigh, a student at Estrella Mountain Community College. “ I now have the opportunity to focus on studying more instead of working, and I have the opportunity to be inside of a classroom more, as I’m going to school to be a teacher.”

Being a teacher has always been Lynsie’s dream and she feels being inside a classroom is surreal. “I love working with kids, and making a difference in somebody’s life,” she said. “My biggest goal after graduating from EMCC will be to transfer to Arizona State University College of Teaching to finish my bachelors so I can become a certified teacher.”

Lynsie feels college has allowed her to grow and is excited about the path she’s on and feels that because of her scholarship, she can continue on her path with ease.