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Michelle F.

Women's Philanthropy Circle Endowed Scholarship

“I am determined to make this happen.”

Michelle is a a performer of the stage and screen and works when she can in theatre directing, or doing design work in either make up or props. She is in the preliminary process of founding a 501c3 theatre company, Imaginations Theatre, which will include a children’s program for underserved children who have an interest in theatre and/or performance but no outlet to do so. This comes with many challenges such as securing an affordable location in the east valley as well as funding, but she is determined to make this happen! Teaching children stage performance skills can be so instrumental to building their confidence. She has two daughters, one 17 who is a senior at an Arts High School and a newborn. She’d like to express her gratitude to the Women’s Philanthropy Circle for awarding her with a scholarship.

Women’s Philanthropy Circle Endowed Scholarship