Be a Student's Hero is coming May 3, 2024!


Mesa Community College

“Thank you for your generosity! This scholarship will help me focus more in my classes to work towards my computer science degree! I am attending Mesa Community College because I want to graduate from college debt free and with a computer science degree! Because of you, I am able to pay for, attend, and complete my summer classes and set myself on track to transfer to Northern Arizona University within a year! Your help is greatly appreciated and will motivate me to continue my education to help be the diversity and representation I needed to see growing up. I am also deeply grateful for the support from my PepsiCo Case Manager. Knowing that there is a mentor looking out for me and wanting the best for me and my educational journey, brings me immense relief and appreciation. Their support and encouragement will not go unnoticed and I will take the opportunity to reach out when needed. I cannot thank you enough!”