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Phoenix College
Phoenix College Alumni Association Bear Scholarship

“I am an energetic, people-loving scholar and my superpower is connecting with others and making them feel special. Through my journey in college, I stumbled upon the Microsoft Datacenter Academy scholarship, to which I applied and eventually received. The support has been a tremendous help as I have been able to receive assistance with tuition, certification costs, and certification prep. The best part has been the opportunity to interview for an internship. I was able to secure a full time job with Microsoft after the internship and am now at my dream home as well as a full time scholar at EMCC. Perhaps the biggest lesson I’ve learned throughout this process has been the importance of soft skills. Having knowledge is great, but little is better than being a person that people can be comfortable with. Be courageous, be authentic, be an ally to all, and most importantly, be for others someone you wish you had around you.”