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Nick M.

South Mountain Community College

“I’m so glad that I’ve been given this opportunity. It won’t be wasted.”

“I’m so glad that I’ve been given this opportunity, and it’s not going to be wasted!” says a grateful Nick M., a CPLC scholarship recipient who is attending South Mountain Community College with aspirations to transfer to NAU and get a degree in business.

Nick is a graduate of St. Mary’s High School, which is a M. family tradition. He is committed to volunteering at CPLC’s community service projects, which have included toy drives and holiday gift wrapping – handy practices since Nick became a young father two years ago.

“School became a priority after the birth of my son. As a family man, I knew that it was through higher education that I was going to be able to become the husband, father, and provider that I want to be,” said Nick.

Nick goes on to explain, “Without the CPLC Matching Scholarship, I would not have been able to continue with my education after the birth of my son. The Scholarship really motivates me to continue in school and be a role model to my child.”

South Mountain Community College, Chicanos Por La Causa Scholarship