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Mesa Community College
State Farm Scholarship

“Let me just say thank you, thank you with all my heart! I am greatly honored that you have selected me for this scholarship. I am currently attending Mesa Community College at the Dobson campus and I am pursuing a degree in Automated Industrial Technology with an added certification in Robotics. I am one of the top students in all of my classes and I plan to continue to be a top performer. With this scholarship I am able to accomplish that goal more easily because I will have more time to focus on my studies and not need to worry about paying for them or the supplies I’d need in those classes. With the Robotics class in particular I am very proud to share that I am 2-3 weeks ahead of class studies. I have been able to be diligent in my studies and maintain a high A+ grade in the class. I am very proud of the fact that I have a 3.26GPA now. In the past I had blown off the GPA score because I was always told I could never achieve what I wanted to. With this scholarship and the amazing teachers at Mesa I have been able to show that not only can I achieve my goals, I can surpass them and keep improving past what I thought was possible. I am very humbled and eternally grateful that you helped me with my educational goals and I will strive everyday to push myself to achieve excellence.”