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Glendale Community College
State Farm Scholarship

“Thank you, donors, from the State Farm Cyber/AI Scholarship. With the award you have given me, I will be sure that the money goes towards my education and degree in Cybersecurity. After my first year at Glendale Community College, I have learned many facts about Cyber and IT careers. Not only are degrees a part of your education, but there are many certifications that employers seek when selecting their job candidates. I look forward to achieving my degree and the certifications related to my fields of interest. Linux has become a main interest, and I believe that I will focus on the operating system as one of my primary studies in the future, along with general network security. When I applied for the scholarship, my GPA was 3.23; my GPA has since risen to about 3.45, and I am proud about my current growth at GCC. This award will help me ease my financial blockades within education and motivate me to work hard on my studies and personal skills with technology. Again, thank you very much for the opportunity.”