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South Mountain Community College

Zayda, a South Mountain Community College student would like to share how much scholarships mean to her. “It means that I have an opportunity to make my education not just a dream, but a reality.”

When Zayda came to this country, just two and half years ago, she knew that obtaining a college degree would be challenging. She took English Second Language classes for the last and is extremely proud. “Learning a second language is difficult, she said,”but I am happy because I have learned so much and now I feel confident that I can move forward with the next step in my education by taking college courses focused on the career I want to pursue.”

Aspiring to obtain a degree in Radiology Technology, Zayda’s scholarships allow her to take the classes she needs for her degree. “Scholarships alleviate the financial stress to pay for my courses as I am working full time while enrolled in school full time and maintaining a good GPA has been challenging.” She continued, “I will take advantage of my scholarship to continue pursuing my dreams in higher education. I am committed to do well and will make the investment in me, the best it can be.”