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Student Stories

These are the stories that make our work worth it. We love seeing students reach success, even if they need a little support along the way.

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See how our students have reached their goals and found success on the way to their futures.

Estrella Mountain Community College

"I've been working up to this moment my whole life and it just means a lot to me because it marks the beginning of a new chapter of my journey."

Paradise Valley Community College

"I am sincerely honored and appreciative to learn that I was selected as the recipient of your scholarship."

Scottsdale Community College

"Thank you for this blessing"

Scottsdale Community College

“I will make the most out of this opportunity and truly appreciate the gracious donation.”

Glendale Community College

“My parents are one of the reasons why I'm attending GCC,”

Chandler-Gilbert Community College

“My scholarship award will help my family very much in helping fund my first college semester at CGCC,”

Paradise Valley Community College

“Thanks to my scholarship, I am one step closer to that goal,”

Scottsdale Community College

“Since being a first generation student I have little guidance, so in this upcoming fall semester, I will be able to focus without having financial stress.”

Phoenix College

State Farm

“My scholarship will first and foremost help to cover my tuition, but perhaps more importantly, they allow me more time to rest, focus on my health, and get more quality study time and focus. It is tremendously appreciated.”

Mesa Community College

“I’m a self supporting student who couldn’t afford to go straight into a four-year college, so I sought out MCC to help set me up for Arizona State University.”